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Happy Diwali

 The meaning of Diwali is that Hell is full of darkness, and you all are enlightened. You are expected to fight wherever there is darkness and let them know that they are doing wrong things. By doing this our country will improve, and you have to do this.

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Lantern Festival
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Diwali Puja- Goddess Laxmi

Laxmi gives you everything. She is Mother. She gives everything, all blessings, all comfort, and most important is that She enlightens your inner being. So somehow you recognise Laxmi. Laxmi doesn’t mean money. You have to understand that She is a Goddess, and you have to respect money like a Goddess

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Shubh Deepawali

“Diwali” word is from “deepa wali” means the “rows of lights”. It was celebrated firstly because thousands of years back, Shri Rama was crowned on this day. That means the benevolence of human beings was crowned, was accepted. And in Shri Rama’s life, you see an ideal personality being shown to be a king, to be the benevolent king as described by Socrates. So this was a great joyous thing that a benevolent king was crowned. That means we have to have a king who is benevolent.

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Happy Diwali enlightened spirit uotes Sa

Open Your Hearts

So, that is the second part of the Diwali that you have to open your heart. Forget your nationality, forget your race, forget everything. It’s a funny kind of things Sahaja Yogis have. They must be respected, they must be treated like this, or maybe that we are something great and they are no good.

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Diwali celebration Sahaja Yoga Jai Shree

Wish You Very Very Happy Diwali

This is just to wish you very, very happy Diwali. To us, Diwali is that from one light, we enlighten many lights. This is a Diwali we are celebrating here today and we have so many people who are enlightened. You can see on their face, their Self Realization shines

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Mahalaxmi- H.H. Shree Mataji Nirmala Dev

MahaLaxmi - She Stands up in a Lotus

So this is Her position when She stands up in a lotus. Now She has a hand, one hand like this [which gives], one hand like this [which protects], and there are two hands which have got again the lotuses, the pink ones.

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Laxmi Puja- Diwali- Sahaja Yoga Enlighte

Laxmi Puja

Third one is a very beautiful thing is the Lakshmi Puja, means the day they worship Lakshmi. I’ve told you many a times, the symbol of Lakshmi was created really beautifully. And it was so that She came out of the water. Through the water, She came out so clean. And She has no pride. She doesn’t assert Herself. She doesn’t put Her pressure on others. But human beings are just opposite if they have money, they ride on a horse all the time, they cannot come down. It’s impossible to talk to them.

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