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Enter into this new world of Enlightenment

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Yoga means union with the all pervading power of Divine Love. This is a very subtle subject, absolutely valid and can be proved, of our ascent into higher awareness

At the very outset, one has to be a seeker of truth and with scientific attitude one should approach the subject. It should be treated respectfully like a hypothesis and if found by experiments as truth should be accepted by honest people in the spirit of honesty. Because this is for one's total benevolence and for the benevolence of all the world.

This knowledge is of very ancient times and mostly comes from India. Of course, every religion has talked about our second birth and also about the tree of life. As the knowledge of science comes from the west, but is accepted by the east, why should such a knowledge of reality be denied? Why not atleast heed to it seriously, when it is the knowledge of the roots of all our civilization and evolution?

Experiencing Sahaj Yoga

Experience the peace and joy of true meditation. Free classes for everyone, suitable for complete beginners and regular meditators. No physical exercises, postures or special clothing required.Millions around the world are enjoying our free meditation since it was started by Shri Mataji in 1970. Her meditation promotes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

"Enlightened means a personality, enlightened personality, I can tell you, is a person who is beyond his mind. And he is in contact completely with this all-pervading power of divine love. As a result everything in that person is guided, helped by that divine love. That power is so great that it looks after you, it Painting of Buddha having just attained enlightenment, while sitting under the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya, India. The flame on the top of the head, indicates the opening of the Seventh Chakra through Kundalini awakening. (Wallpainting in a monastery in Laos)organizes everything, it thinks, it understands, it is wisdom of all the things. You become a person who is so collectively conscious.

Today we need people like that. Otherwise you always think about yourself. About others you can only think when you are collectively conscious. But these days there are so many people marketing their spirituality, you see. That’s also there. And just people jump to it, I don’t know why. Why don’t they find out what is the gain, what did you gain out of it? Nobody wants to know."

Her Holiness Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi

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