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Kundalini - The Origin and History

Kundalini is not a new thing or something that has started in the modern times. It’s the most ancient science of spiritual life. It’s not that it was not understood or seen in other places than India, that people knew about Kundalini. But the language used can confuse many people to think that Kundalini is something very localized or may be something nationalistic. In our country, historically if you see, I mean India, we had three types of movements brought in.

The first movement on spiritual grounds was that of what we call the right side movement, meaning we were trying to control the nature. Or we were trying to control the nature through the will of God or through the will of that All Pervading Power, which we call as chaitanya. Accordingly we started having yajnas and other methods of invoking the Spirit of these elements, by which we could understand them and they could understand us. I feel the result of that, today we see, is the science that we have developed. The result of that, many seers in India saw so many things created in that great country. Much before we even started writing the history, they had created great aeroplanes and all kinds of pilotless, not bombs, but aeroplanes, in those days. That’s a fact. Of course it is difficult to face it, because people can’t believe it, that our country could have produced such great things.

The second kind of movement started in India, was that of bhakti, of worshiping God. The people who were intellectuals, started working through the intellect, to create a rapport between human beings and the nature. And the other part of the people who were seekers, thought it is better to sing the praise of God and invite His grace upon us, so that the light of His love will expose all that is spiritual and higher than human awareness.

And the third type of movement, which was very secretive in those days was the movement of evolutionary process, by which a human being was to make, to be made aware of his higher Self, that was his Spirit, his Atma, through Kundalini awakening. You will be amazed that at the time of Shri Rama, His own father-in-law, who was Raja Janaka, had one disciple called Nachiketa. And he asked that he would like to know about his Self, about his Atma. And Raja Janaka told him, “You can take all my wealth, you can take everything that I have, but please don’t ask me to give you enlightenment”. But Nachiketa was very anxious and assiduous and he achieved his goal ultimately.


1983-06-05 Public Program, Hindu Centre, London,

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