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Science cannot answer many questions

At the very outset, we have to know that the truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot describe it, but unfortunately, at this human awareness, we cannot know it. Something more has to happen to our awareness. I have to tell you that truth is to be known through the real experience of it, that to all your central nervous system. So whatever I am telling you, you need not take it for granted. We have had enough problem with blind faith. But please keep your mind open like a scientist and treat this as a hypothesis. If it proves then you have to accept it as honestly. So the truth is that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intellect, your conditioning and your ego. But you are the True Spirit. And the second truth is an all-pervading power of divine love which works out all the living work.

If you ask who runs heart? The doctors will say its autonomous nervous system. But who is this auto? They can’t answer this question. Science cannot answer many questions. It cannot say why we are born. Moreover, science is amoral. And so one can go any limit using it for destruction of humans. So we think of religions. But we don’t know that Christ or Mohammad Sahib or any one of them, are very great evolved souls. And they did not know what sort of people they were. And ultimately they were killed or crucified by the ignorant people. Actually, they thought people are very enlightened, seeking, desiring for something higher.

I was also born in a Christian family and I saw such a difference of level between Christ and who were following him. And Mohammad sahib said it further. He thought that Christ has said everything for men, he should say something for women. So, it was that any woman with lust, that any man should be put half-baked put the mother earth and should be killed with stones. I was thinking about American women, what would have happened to them! This was too much of a sense of morality. Moreover Mohammad sahib thought of sharia, which was actually given by Moses to the Jews, which Jews gave it up. Because Jews are very money oriented. So Jews in their wisdom gave it up. I was once travelling from Riyadh to London and I went off to sleep. When I opened my eyes. All different people were sitting there in the plane. So, I asked the air hostess, I said did we go to some other airport before London”? No she said this is a direct flight. I said who are these people. Ladies were so smart and they had only six inches of skirts and makeup. And men were half naked. And they said this always happens. They are the same people when they are going to London, they do it. And they were all drinking. And women were smoking and drinking. And they were supposed to be following Mohammad Sahab. I don’t blame them because it is too much to follow Mohammad Sahib or Christ. If you see with compassion you will understand that this ruling Were for enlightened people, for saints, for angels. It was not for ordinary, normal people. Now by the awakening of this Kundalini. You can feel this all-pervading power. Sahaja, saha means with, ja is born. Born with you is the right. You have with you this yoga, this union with the all-pervading divine power. This is your birthright. And is very easy and spontaneous. It is the last breakthrough of your evolution.

It is a living process so it is spontaneous. Like in the mother earth we put a seed and it sprouts by itself. Because it is built-in in the mother earth the capacity to germinate and built-in in the seed to be germinated. In the same way it is built in you all. All this within you. Now this kundalini resides in the triangular bone called sacrum bone. That means the Greeks knew it was a sacred bone since long. And is going on in many places since thousands of years. Especially in India we had saints who used to give realisation. But only one person would give realisation to another. What I have done if it is something, that I tried to find out a method by which thousands can get realisation. One person, even if it discovers anything, is useless if it is not available to everyone. This is what is available to you tonight. When the kundalini rises she passes through six centres and pierces through your fontanelle bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. Thus you get the actualisation of baptism. Actualisation! You can feel the cool breeze of the holy ghost coming out of your head. Kundalini is the reflection of the holy ghost. Surprisingly they say there is father god and the son god and never about the mother. But the holy ghost is the primordial mother. In India we call her the Adishakti. In many religions, she is described. But in the bible, this Paul didn’t like a woman. So he never wanted to mention about women. Still the image of a mother which was created by normal people. And Christ mother is better described I Quarn / koran than in this bible. Thus we have to know that the way women have been kept out of the bible. The situation of women is very bad in the west. And so the women all the time be apologetic and please the men, do all sort of nonsense as if they have. But the primordial one is the holy ghost. And she is reflected as kundalini within you. In every person she exists as the individual mother and anxious to give you your rebirth. And when she rises she enlightens your centres. Most of the world’s problem come from human being and all the problems of human being comes from their centres and they are in jeopardy. But when this Kundalini, your own mother passes through these centres, she cures them and enlightens them. Thus your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems get solved completely. So in India, we have now four doctors who have got their MD in curing incurable diseases. In Russia also 200 doctors sometimes ?? Sahaja yoga. Because Russians don’t have money just now and this the thing for which you don’t have to pay at all. Actually, for your self-realisation how can you pay. It is invaluable. Moreover its a living process. How do you pay to mother earth for creating giving us flowers. In the same way, when it happens, it happens spontaneously. And no harm is done to you. Like when you were born, your mother took all the trouble on herself. The kundalini takes all the problems upon her. Secondly, it makes our attention absolutely innocent. You become completely void of lust and greed. There ?? Christ has said, Thou shall not have adulterous eyes. In the west, it is very hard to find somebody without adulterous eyes. But automatically it becomes. You become innocent. We must know innocence is ?? , it cannot be destroyed. And when little clouds that are covering are removed by kundalini, your attention becomes absolutely innocent like children. Thus you become extremely dynamic and extremely compassionate. Somehow people appreciate innocent. The Indian, who got Miss Universe is a Sahaja yogini.

After realisation, you get discrimination, Divine discrimination. You develop your dignity and you know what you are. You don’t take to these nonsensical things. The best part is you give up everything that is destructive. I have seen young people giving up drugs overnight. How it happens is that, supposing I am a person and I have a snake in my hand. I am in darkness, I can’t see and if you tell me there’s a snake, I will not give up till it bites me. But with a little light, I’ll throw away myself. With this enlightenment, you get so powerful that you throw away everything that is destructive in life. Every year we have 100 marriages ?? and all these marriages are absolutely successful except for very very few.And we get beautiful children, mostly born realised. A Jung society has been formed now of very wonderful people. This is really the new age where people have a relationship of pure compassion and pure love. We have not seen anybody running away with somebody’s wife or running away with somebody’s husband. Such beautiful relationships emerge out of such beautiful people.

Now this innocent affection extremely addictive. Wherever you put this enlightened attention it enlightened. It becomes the fault of peace and joy. Such a person emits peace and joy. We are all the time thinking of peace and joy. And our mind is jumping on the cusp of future and past. The past is finished and the future doesn’t exist. But we cannot be in the presence. And be in the present is the reality. So when this kundalini rises she elongates thoughts and its ?? in between them. So you become thoughtlessly aware. You are fully aware but your are thoughtless. That is the present where you grow spiritually and divine inspiration comes into you. You know the absolute truth after realisation. Even if you have 10 children who are realised souls and you ask them to feel the vibrations of a person, they will all raise the same finger. If you want to find out if somebody is false person or a truthful, only thing you have to put hands towards the person and ask. And you will be amazed that on your fingertips you can feel the ?? bits of a needle or maybe you might feel cool breeze. That means you can feel the absolute truth on your fingertips.. In the quran/koran its written very clearly at the time of resurrection, that is qiyamah, your hands will speak. And they will give witness against you means they will tell you what’s wrong with you. They will tell you what chakras are in trouble. They can also tell you about anybody whether dead or live. Then you start speaking the language of chakras as centres. Now if you can cure these centres, you can get cured and you can get others also cured. Thus you become collectively conscious because you can feel others. Who is the other. The microcosm becomes the macrocosm. And you can become a drop in the ocean. When you become thoughtlessly aware you become absolutely peaceful. And you never get tired. I am now 72 years of age and I am travelling every day that way. But I am quiet alright. Because I don’t think I am travelling. But in that state, you become absolutely peaceful. You see the whole world, witness the whole world without getting disturbed. You get out of your problems. Supposing you are in the water, stormy water, you are afraid of the waves. Happiness and unhappiness are two sides of a coin. If your ego is punctured you feel unhappy, if your ego is pampered you feel happy. So then you become a realised personality. You enjoy everything. And understand the stupidity of the people. You understand the negativity of the people. In Sahaja yoga, we have no hostility, no punishments, no confessions. But if somebody goes out of order, does wrong thing, we just ask them to get out of sahaja yoga. You may be Christian, Hindu, Muslim anything, still one can commit any sin. But with enlightenment you become sinless. There are so many things that happen that I cannot tell you there is a shortage. But as you have here so many lights, you have to just switch on and the light comes. Because it is built in. But if I have to tell you all the history of this electricity, how this made ?? too much. So the best thing is to get the enlightenment first. It will take hardly 15 minutes at the most. But if you do not have a pure desire get it, I would request you to leave the hall. Because I respect your freedom. I cannot force it on you. Now this Kundalini is your mother and she has been your mother. She knows everything about you. She has tape-recorded everything, your mistakes and your aspirations. So you do not have to judge yourselves. She will judge you. Leave it to her. So the first condition is that you should not feel guilty at all, because whatever has happened has happened. Why should we carry all our life. On the contrary, if you feel guilty you catch on the left-hand side of this centre which is very dangerous. Because you will develop a horrible thing like spondylitis or may be angina. You might develop a lethargy organ or maybe tuberculosis or cervical cancer. So why to have this guilt to torture yourself? Its a fashion also to feel guilty I think. It is a myth. Another myth we have that we cannot forgive. Logically you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But when you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands and you torture yourself. At this moment you must know the centre of optic chasma is like this, absolutely constricted. If you don’t forgive you and the kundalini wouldn’t pass through Agnya.

As it is you have tortured yourselves very much and if you do not forgive at this important moment you lose the chance of self-realisation. You to just say that you forgive. Even not to think whom you are forgiving. That is also a headache. so you have to forgive in general. This is the second condition. And the third one is ?? to take out your shoes. Why I say because when I asked in London first time, to take out their shoes; half of them walked out. Now you have been told about two channels whe have within ourselves. One on the left and one on the right. Now, the left one is the one for our power of mundane desire. But kundalini is the desire which is pure. Because every data, we desire say for a house and for a car, then for a helicopter… I don’t know ?? . and we are never satisfied. Economics says that wants are not satiable in general. So this is a desire which is pure because it gives you complete satisfaction. You cannot be aware of this pure desire but it exists. And the desire is to be one with this all-pervading power. As the left side represents the mundane desire, you please put your left hand towards me on your lap and put your feet apart from each other. Because these are two separate desires. I mean two separate channels. Now those who are sitting on the ground are alright. They need not bother. First, you see how you are going to direct your centres with right hand. First, put your right hand on top of your heart. In the heart resides the spirit. If you become the spirit, the light of the spirit; you become your own guide, your own master. We are working only on the left side. Please put your right hand down in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side; which is the centre for your mastery created by great prophets and saints. Please take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. This is the centre for surprisingly pure divine knowledge. Now raise your right hand in top of your abdomen on the upper part of the left-hand side. Now on your heart. Now in the corner of the neck and shoulder and turn your face towards right. Please take your right hand on forehead across and put down your head. This is the centre for asking forgiveness. For Forgiving everyone.

H.H. Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi

1994-10-20 Public Program, Buenos Aires, Argentina,

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