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The Ten Primordial Masters and Their Teachings

Ten times Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya has come into the world to lead humanity towards righteousness and spirituality, to establish the values of Dharma, that corresponds with building the path

for the spiritual ascent of human being. Many of these incarnations manifested themselves as prophets and gave proof of great devotion and complete surrendering to God Almighty, like in the case, for example, of Abraham who was up to sacrifice his own child as God requested to him; some of them had to struggle a lot to deliver God's word (see Abraham, Zarathustra, etc), or fight (like Mohammed

did) or even undergo a death sentence (as it happened to Socrates).

Other Adi Gurus could instead manifest themselves in their Divine, complete

form, like in the case of Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, the last incarnation, who clearly

declared to be God, to be the one who is every thing. He pervasively and unfailingly

cared to spread Love and Compassion to his devotees and to everyone who looked

for spiritual ascent; he prepared the field for the Great Advent: the incarnation of

the Adi Shakti. His only task was to fill his disciples with vibrations of Love; he was

not the severe and strict Master who needed to make rules, but he was tremendously

patient like a grandfather is with his grandchildren.

This path reminds us also the path of our Holy Mother, who cared in the past to

estabilish the Dharma in us and now is only giving us Love and the full trust that

now we can fully accomplish the task of our spiritual realization. Shri Shirdi

Sainath's words:

If you stretch out the palms of your hands to Me with full Devotion, I will

be immediately with you, day and night. Even if I am not physically with you, I know what

you are doing beyond the seven seas. Go wherever you want, in the wide world, I am with you.

I dwell in your heart and I am within you. Always worship Me that I am in your heart as in

that of every other being. Blessed and lucky, in truth, who knows Me in this way.

  1. Shri Raja Janaka

  2. Shri Abraham

  3. Shri Moses

  4. Shri Zarathustra

  5. Shri Confucius

  6. Shri Laozi

  7. Shri Socrates

  8. Shri Muhammad

  9. Shri Guru Nanak

  10. Shri Shirdi Sainath

To learn more their teachings download the file:

Download PDF • 1.35MB

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